Hermès Maintenance Guide 101


Dear fellow Pursebop lovers,

Ever since I have purchased my beautiful and beloved Kelly bag a few months ago, I have been looking for answers to many questions of how to take care of such beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The internet is full of articles but I would love to hear it from the pro’s! What better place to ask for the advice then here on Pursebop!

I want to know it ALL!

– How do you store your precious Hermès bags? Do you always put them back in the orange box or only when you don’t use them for a longer period of time? Do you put them in the dust bag every night?
– Do you keep the twillies on or do you remove them? Do you remove the twillies on really hot days?
– When you do store your bags, do you “strip them down completely”, (meaning: remove the strap and lock/keys and put them in their own protective dustbags or leave everything on them)?
– Do you actually use them on hot days? What about when it rains? Do you just leave them at home or do you use their protective “rain coats”? I have a back epsom Kelly, can she stand a drop or two, or is it a no-go?
– What do you do if you have scratch marks? Do you use any protective products on your bags? (I am guessing “nooooooo….”)
– Have you ever had the leather sweating or that the waxy edges on the leather starts to crack or becomes sticky? (I had the latter with 2 of my Hermès bracelets, so I am super scared of this happening to my bag!)
– … etc …

As some of you read in my previous posts about obtaining my dream bag (full, looooong story: click here),
the SA who helped me when I purchased the bag was really arrogant and didn’t tell me a lot about taking care of my delicate Kelly Sellier.
So I really would love to hear what your tips and tricks are so I can make sure she lasts a lifetime…
I would really appreciate it! :-)

Thank you so much,

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Such a brilliant prompt for an article my dear. I promise you will have all your answers very soon :)

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