Van Cleef & Arpels Increases Prices in the USA, Sept 2017.



Price Increase as of Sept 28th, 2017: Van Cleef & Arpels has increased it’s prices across the board approximately 6%- 8%. Individual cases do vary. It would appear VCA has absorbed any decrease taken earlier this year (Read: Van Cleef & Arpels Reduces Prices 2017).
Since VCA is very particular with the globalization of their prices throughout the world we can anticipate the increases to follow in other countries. The UK has reported an increase. Canada has taken a slight increase in some items and actually a decrease in a few vintage pieces.

Some Examples here in the USA to give you an idea.

Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl 10 motif $7150 to $7650 resulting in a $500 increase/ 7% increase

Yellow Gold Onyx 5 motif $3650 to $3900 resulting in a $250 increase/ 6.8% increase

Carnelian 10 motif $7900 to $8500 resulting in a $600 increase/ 7.6 % increase

Carnelian 5 motif $3950 to $4300 resulting in a $350 increase/ 8.8% increase

Carnelian Magic Pendant $5600 to $6250 resulting in a $650 increase/ 11.6 % increase

Community member and VCA collector @orangekissed just revealed her gorgeous Yellow Gold Magic 16 motif necklace and reported it went from $21,400 to $23,500 resulting in a $2100 increase/ 9.8% increase.  Pictured below.

We’ll have a few more case studies revealed this weekend so stay tuned.

Read our coverage here for more details: (read: Luxury Brands VCA and Hermes Adjust Prices for Devalued Euro).

Please add any additional information below! We’ll keep you updated, just wanted to get the word out asap!

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Hi! I’m traveling to Europe from the US in the spring and wanted to get my wife something nice from Van Cleef, but based on current prices, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it anymore. Is my assessment accurate? Thanks!

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