A Colourful Birthday Reveal


The orange boxes stood nonchalantly near the corner of my room, but I was resolute in only looking at them. I wanted to open them so badly but there were 11 days still left (oh yes, this girl was counting the days and hours). It seemed my birthday would last for an entire month as my lovely Chanel sales manager had called me not so long ago to tell me that the lambskin square mini in champagne hardware, just as I wanted her, was reserved for me. I couldn’t leave her in the corner so I had to take her only to realize she has become one of my favorite mini bags.

Let me preface this by underlining how I didn’t pay much attention when the new Hermès colours started trickling down. I was waiting for my special orders and I didn’t think a colourful bag was to my choosing. However, my sales manager, who was well aware my birthday was approaching, started sending me potential bags. They were all colourful and beautiful, a Kelly 25 and a Birkin 25. This is when I started to ponder whether the whole idea of neutral-coloured bags was really meant for me. Maybe I needed both. Thanks to PurseBop’s encouragement, I went to see for myself the new rose pourpre colour.

I was already certain this bag would not work for me. After all, I am terrible with colours, and it seems the majority of people I know tend to gravitate towards neutral ones. What was I thinking? I mean, even rouge casaque is already a pretty powerful colour for me. Confused, I still rushed to the store, then I patiently waited for my sales manager (after all, I was sure this new colour was not for me).

The minute the orange box arrived, all new and pristine as we were the first to open it up, I started to get that all too familiar feeling of excitement and a rush I must admit is addictive. There she was, in all her glory, the Kelly 28 Evercolor Retourné in rose pourpre. And she had me dumbfounded for a good minute or so. It seemed she and I were meant to be (am I still writing about a bag?). The rose pourpre colour is a rare beauty, and one that seems to be such a chameleon that it’s almost impossible to capture its true colours and nuances in photos. I saw how this bag will work wonders on casual days with my preferred black denim, my usual tees (I am a self-professed tee junkie), Max Mara black coat and a white pair of sneakers. The unimposing style of Retourné makes her look just as small as my Kelly 25 Sellier, but it is much easier to get things in and out. The Evercolor leather is very special to me as I’m a tactile person and need to feel the softness of the leather, and also the colour glistens so beautifully.

In the world of Hermès, just when I thought I figured it out, I am definitely still learning because no matter how many times people remind me that I should never say never to a bag, and as cliché as it may sound it’s very much the case for me.

PS: I did open her, just to touch and smell her on the eighth day (I think my dog may have been confused who the canine in the room was). But I held off on taking her out until the day of my birthday, and what a pleasure it was as she shined in the gloomy weather.