A day in Paris


I got so inspired with Mrs PurseBop new Chanel Boy, since this specific boy did not live at Chanel Geneva I decided to jump on a plane Monday morning and go look for him!

I made my plan to go to Paris on Sunday evening, so not possible to get a sms appointment with Hermès, ideal would have been to do both! But since I was so impulsive it was not possible today!

I did my horses and was on the plane at 12.00, quick taxi to town and let the Chanel boy chase begin!

To chase a boy in Paris when it’s a train strike and your not sure if the MTR is running demands comfy shoes! So flats and heels were packed! Bag that could fit the pair of shoes that was not in use at that time, preferably a bigger tote with a shoulder strap!
Weather in the spring can be unpredictable,
A good idea is also to take a waterproof stylish jacket, since traffic in Paris can be so slow that sometimes walking is faster, specially when you are on a mission! I brought one of my Burberry trench coat’s!

Since my new Kelly is hold hostage by my husband until my birthday, and my poor Birkin would be to heavy to carry around with my shoes in it, have in mind that a lot of running was in the plans, my choice was a big Lady Dior with the extra wide Ja’Dior shoulder strap!

The Lady Dior preformed perfect, although the Chanel Boy was no where to be found! The purple was still avalible, but PurseBop’s new darling is apparently one of the boys for the book! The one boy that all the girls wanted!

Did however get a few new items and enjoyed my day in Paris!

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Just reading now, what a cute story ????????‍♀️
Maybe the BOY will find its way to you somehow. Regardless, you look beautiful ????

  • Maybe! But for now I am just so happy on your behalf! Love that you have that sense to pick out “just that bag, in that color” and it turns out to me the ONE that is the BIGGEST hit of the colection! #queen

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