Get Your Own "Need Money for Birkin" Sign Like Kris Jenner's!


Ever since Kylie Jenner snapchatted her mom’s Birkin closet, we’ve all been lusting and swooning over her Hermes collection (read: Kris Jenner is Birkin Goals). Jenner’s closet was filled with rare treasures including her Himalayan crocodile Kelly 25, multiple crocodile and alligator Birkin bags, and exotic Kelly pochette clutches. However, one of the most commanding pieces in the room was the neon pink sign labeled “Need Money For Birkin”. The sign was custom created by artist Beau Dunn and everyone wants to get their hands on it!

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Dunn’s Birkin sign is part of her “Next Generation” collection, which includes other cheeky signs and sculptures that represent everyday, survival objects like food and water being replaced with luxurious alternatives like Birkin bags. Aside from the Birkin sign, other pieces in her line include girls carrying signs saying “Need $$$ for Botox”, “Need $$$ for Boob Job”, and other sculptures created out of Barbie dolls.

Dunn reported that Jenner simply loved her art installment:

“Kris loved the back story of the piece, and the fact that we could poke fun and create a play on one of the most coveted, limited and well known handbags—the Hermes Birkin! She also loved how girly the hot pink color was, and how the neon glow would pop against the white closet. Once we installed the piece, I soon realized the neon reflects perfectly in the marble island, located in center of the closet.”

Explore Dunn’s full artwork collection at! If you were wondering, you can buy your very own “Need Money for Birkin” sign and many of Dunn’s other pieces at

Picture Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

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Beau is so sweet !! Her art is so fun !! A must for any closet …….

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