Hermes Sale in Dubai 2019


Dear Pursebop
The #HermesSaleDubai day one March 27/2019
Was realy good experience from my point of view, the location is great and easy to reach, valete parking was available for free, when i enterd the reception around 09:20 the queue was not too long it was quite and arranged very good, mini canapehs, water and juices were served for peoples waiting in queue.
We enterd to the showroom at 10:00 am and the meantime queue becomes double, like tow lines or a bit more but still its not crowded, inside the ballroom every thing was arranged very well, the working stuff were so kind, smilling and very helpful, there were 5 sections in the place, 2 sections in the right side one for men shoes and the other for women shoes, and another one section on the left side for scarfs and swimsuits and in the middle of the ballroom there were tow big sections for men and women RTW.
They provide 4 fitting rooms, 3 cashiers, more than 10 settings chairs that seats 2 to 3 people and many of salespeople around to do their job in a fast way, also many security gards to secure the event.
It starts to become crowded around 11:00 until 14:00 and then it was not so busy till the evening.
Actually i loved the experience, and i got alot of shoes in my size and some others for my family and friends and if there is something i will feel its not sutis me i will sell them for my followers, also i loved the scarfs and the old maxi twillys they provide, but the only thing is that in this section you can take 2 only of scarfs for each person, but because i really loved a lot of them i called some of my friends to come and buy them for me ☺???? i got around 10 scarfs and im so happy with that.
All the prices was 60% off the original price and btw, many items i saw them in the store display few weeks ago, so who ever got the chance and attend early he was luky.
Thank you and many kisses from #Dubai


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