LV Rumors Put to Rest: PurseBop Investigates


There’s been a big rumor flying around that Louis Vuitton’s monogram patent leather, Monogram Vernis, is being discontinued. While it’s true that there are certainly more designs being offered in smooth patent, we’re relieved to let you know that—for now—Monogram Vernis is actually here to stay!

PurseBop visited the LV boutique and scoped out the patent situation. According to the SAs, Monogram Vernis is not being phased out; as far as they know, it’s only a rumor. In fact, some of the Monogram Vernis colors available for the Alma BB are new, like the beautiful ombre one pictured below. More numerous, however, are smooth patent leather bags, like the blue/canvas Alma BB and and chain crossbody bags below.

PurseBop’s findings overall? The long-running Monogram Vernis isn’t going anywhere for a while, even if it may be offered on fewer bags as LV is pushing the trendy smooth patent.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of Monogram Vernis, or do you prefer LV’s smooth patent leather? Are you relieved to hear that the classic design isn’t being discontinued? Let us know in the comments!

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Patent monogram is to flashy for me, it looks fine on some ladies, not all of them though, specially if the Alma is big and red bright patent leather ? Way to flashy. I own a black Alma in Epi for years and love it ?

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