Rihanna's Officially the Woman at Louis Vuitton


No longer just rumor and speculation (read https://www.pursebop.com/rihanna-and-lvmh-must-be-love-on-the-brain/;https://www.pursebop.com/rihanna-officially-under-lvmh-umbrella/), it’s really happening: Rihanna’s FENTY (spelled with a reversed “N”) fashion line is launching under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton parent company) umbrella. Rihanna is the first woman to create an original brand at LVMH, let alone the first woman of color, and her line is the first newly-created brand there since 1987 (when Christian Lacroix launched). She joins

Even more exciting is that the first items are due to hit the stores . . . soon. For Spring 2019. The line is based in Paris, will include ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes. And Rihanna is the heart and sole (pun intended). The company says the brand “is centered on Rihanna, developed by her, and takes shape with her vision.”

What would you like to see Rihanna design?

Photo courtesy: @LVMH