Scarves Are THE Pandemic Must-Have Accessory


The big fashion winner in this global pandemic… Hermès (and other designer) scarves. Who knew that a silk scarf would be the must-have accessory for 2020.

With the world facing down COVID-19 daily in masks, a more chic alternative emerged – draping a designer scarf across one’s nose and mouth. Indeed, many local governments in the United States directly acknowledge that a scarf or bandana is an acceptable version of the newly mandatory face-covering.

And what’s better than an Hermès scarf. It’s classic, chic and truly an upgrade to any ensemble. Or so says a certain PurseBop editor who weeks ago converted a cotton Pucci scarf into a mask with hair elastics! If you have to cover your nose and mouth, you may as well be styling.

Indeed, luxury resale site TheRealReal reported to GQ a major uptick in interest in these colorful Hermès accessories. Retailing for about $420, gently used versions of the 36” square can be found for under $300 on the site. Of course, there are other size options, but this is the classic.

Fashion purists also can take heart in the revived popularity of the silk scarf. Nearly nightly in the United States, news watchers will find Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coordinator on coronavirus response, accessorizing with a colorful silk sheath. Her collection has inspired an Instagram account. See [email protected]

On some level, it is quite ironic that wearing a mask at a bank is more acceptable than a cough. On the other hand, when social distancing at least be chic.

Now, what to do with that Hermès lipstick? Surely we must sport bare lips under our fashionable silk mask alternatives.

Photo courtesy: IG @drbirxscarves
Photo courtesy: IG @jennifer.readaholic
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