Who will don the GREEN JACKET?

Continuing PBL coverage of the Masters…THE FINAL ROUND Sunday has arrived and

PurseBop Live (PBL) from Masters…

Move Over ‘SO BLACK’ I really can’t get over the fact that an

PurseBop’s Chanel Championship

We’ve come a LONG way…. The ‘ELITE EIGHT’ paired down to the

PurseBop’s FINAL FOUR Madness

The ELITE EIGHT are now the FINAL FOUR! Let’s recap March Madness so far…

March Madness PurseBop Style…

Each March, the NCAA holds the Division I college basketball championship, where

The Fuchsia FRENZY…

As the snow begins to melt, our thoughts drift away to sun

Team Chanel for the SWEEP

WINTER has a whole new meaning this year! It seems every day

Celebrity Fashion Review: PurseBop’s Picks for the Grammys 2014

Gilded gowns ruled the red carpet at the Grammy Awards! Shine and

#WhereIsTheBaggieCam ???

With awards season upon us and red carpet fashions in full bloom,

Celebrity Fashion Review: PurseBop’s Picks for the Golden Globes

Hollywood gathered in all its splendor at the 71st annual Golden Globe

An Icon Never Fades…

Fact: Marilyn Monroe declared it the only thing she wore to bed

Little Red Riding Hood goes ‘Head Over Heels…’

Part II There was a whirlwind of themed activity that followed the arrival

Little Red Riding ‘on the Hood’…

Part I Once in a blue moon, Mr. PurseBop has a ‘bopping’

The Coco Legend Continues…

One of the Paris -Dallas moments that will forever be etched into

Love Letter from Chanel to Neiman Marcus…

It’s 6:22 am in Dallas, Texas… I report to you just moments

Bopping to Dallas…

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art pre-fall show in Dallas is almost here (December 10th) and its

Team USA: Kickin’ it with PurseBop

As the snow begins to fall, I find myself thinking of the

“whats in a name…?”

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any

Lost her SHOE… found her CLUTCH

Continued from #FFFF: Fun Filled Fall Feast… In the shimmering moonlit pumpkin

Coco’s “Return” to Dallas…

PurseBop is getting really excited about maestro Karl Lagerfeld’s upcoming Métiers d’Art show

PurseBop And The BRITS Are On The Same Page…

When it comes to fashion, no one is as COOL as COCO

I Spy With My Little Eye Something That Is Pink….

These bursting bouquets of pink flowers from my garden are from me

“Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…” (again)

Meet Dolly… Polly’s sister, and ‘Molly and Mindy’s’ mother Dolly wants to know… “Eeny,


For decades, Mars has captivated the attention of humans for its topographical


What is it about Wimbledon that makes it the most prestigious tennis

Red, White and Blue…

July is my favorite month of the year… bursting with celebrations of

Won’t You Take me to…HAWKey Town

The puck drops tonight for game one of Lord Stanley’s Cup! The Kings are

Either Will Raise Your Spirits

Nothing Less Than French Royalty The sporran flask bag, part of the

Done with the Wings and on to the Kings…

The city’s energy is palpable in anticipation of game one of the

Celebrity News and Fashion Review: PurseBop’s Pick for Billboard Awards (Part One)

Billboard Music Awards–GREAT night for the music biz … HIGHEST ratings for the BBMAs


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