How Do I Handle Other Clients of My SA Who are Jealous of My Quota Bag Offers?



How do we deal with women who share the same SA as you, who keep asking you why you get offers they don’t? Or go directly to your SA and ask him/her why they don’t get items or offers as you?

Dear Individual Journey:

A good rule of thumb is never compare your journey with another person’s journey. Everyone has their own unique situation and their own unique relationship with their SA. No two experiences are ever the same. Unfortunately, we cannot control other people.

Your SA should inform their client that each person has a different journey and no two are alike. It is best to take the high road and do not respond to people who do not share in your joy. Life is too short to spend time with negative people who have jealousy in their heart. Spend time with the people who love you. There are a lot of those people.

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