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It’s no secret that I’m always looking for ways to maintain my Hermès treasures, making sure they stay in tip-top condition. One way I protect my Bs and Ks is to diligently care for their interiors and exteriors. A very effective tool for keeping the interiors organized and also maintaining shape is inserts: specifically, the L’Insert by 7 Rue Paradis. 

The L’Insert is a bag insert with pockets that’s designed just for your Hermès bag. Expertly crafted in an atelier in the French Riviera and available in eleven colors, the L’Insert is made from luxurious Italian material Alcantara, a vegan material that feels like suede.

I’ve been using L’Inserts diligently for over a year and a half now, and to commemorate this commitment and belief in the product, PurseBop has partnered with 7RueParadis to bring you special offers that have never been released before.

Click photo to access PurseBop promotion.

Buy 3 inserts for 100 Euros off. Click photo to access PurseBop promotion.

We posted about this very product around this time last year. Over that year, I’ve come to truly believe that these inserts have kept my bags in better shape and helped me to be more organized—including with my most recent reveal, Miss Butler. They also protect my bags from spills, whether from a lotion bottle or uncapped lipstick. (I’ll be honest, the inserts are an absolute must when traveling.)

And good news for a wide variety of Hermès collectors: the L’Inserts are available for the Birkin, Kelly (retourne and sellier), and Evelyne—specifically, the B25, B30, B35, and B40; K25, K28, K32, and K35; and Evelyne TPM, Evelyne PM, and Evelyne GM.  B, K, and E lovers: you’re in luck!

Click photo to access special offer.

Seen here are the L’insert for the Birkin 25 and Kelly 25.

PurseBop’s special rates work as such: purchase one insert and get €30 off, purchase two inserts and get €70 off, or purchase three inserts and get €100 off. And believe me—once you get one, you’ll be hooked. My bags are never without their L’Inserts now.

Click here to access your special PurseBop rates or use the codes PurseBop30, PurseBop70 or PurseBop100 at checkout, depending on whether you are purchasing one, two or three inserts. If you decide to purchase one through our offer, do reach out and tell us via IG or email. We are always excited to hear from you—and you may even be eligible to win a special prize.

#whatsinthel’insert – Read more here.

Let us know how you keep your Bs and Ks organized and tidy below. And if you’ve bought a 7RueParadis insert, tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for a special reveal of #whatsinthelinsert (whats in the l’insert) this weekend and for a serious hint read The Hermès Kelly 20 is Hot (Again)

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