Kris Jenner is Birkin GOALS

We have a major case of CLOSET ENVY right now!

The Kardashian family has always entertained us with a lot of luxury eye candy from clothes, cars to gigantic, extravagant homes. Even though Kris Jenner is busy constantly managing her five daughters, she never fails to look fabulous… and is usually toting a fabulous Birkin in hand too.

Just last week, Kylie Jenner posted an inside look at her mother’s Birkin closet on snapchat. Kylie shows herself  “window shopping” through a few of the treasures in the brief videos. The closet is gloriously illuminated by a custom created pink neon sign that reads ‘Need Money For Birkin’  designed by artist Beau Dunn.

Kris Jenner’s Hermes collection is any handbag lover’s dream, and it is estimated that her entire collection is easily worth over half a million dollars. Her collection is composed of many rare, exotic pieces like her Himalayan crocodile Kelly 25, multiple crocodile and alligator Birkin bags, and exotic Kelly pochette clutches.

See it all for yourself in the pictures and video below by News Youtube…

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Kris Jenner with Himalayan Crocodile Kelly Bag

Kris Jenner with Braise Shiny Crocodile Birkin

Published: August 8th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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