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Dear PurseBop: When Does Hermès Restock Its Website?

Part I: Hermès Unveils 6 New Handbags for Fall/Winter 2023 Vert Comics

Dear PurseBop: Is it Appropriate to Ask to Create a Hermès Special Order?

This week Hermès questions dominated Dear PurseBop's inbox. The luxury house is

Crème de la Hermès

Urban dictionary, listen up. It’s time to include a new definition of

Epic Hermès Anniversary Gift: When Your Hubby Conspires With Your Sales Associate

Marriage.  Anniversary gift 2022. How does one surprise anyone in this day

Hermès Special Order Reveal: Creative But Classic

Hurry up and wait... that’s been the theme about revealing this bag.

Rumor or Fact: Hermès is Changing the Rules

photo credit: Red Hermès is changing the way we shop. Whether it

Insider’s Guide to Hermès Special Orders

Tips to Create a Timeless Special Order Twice a year, in the

What If Every Handbag Purchase Was a Special Order?

@leoniehanne With all of the fashion focus on sustainability and prevention of

Dear PurseBop, I Don’t Like My Hermès Special Order

One question we are repeatedly asked about Hermès Special Orders is, what

How to Get Two or More Hermès Birkins (or Kellys) in a Year

Take a look at your 2021 Hermès wishlist.  Maybe your closet needs

Reveal: My Special Order White Birthday Birkin

There’s a unique thrill that comes with the arrival of a special

The Things About Hermès Chèvre Leather That No One Tells You

It took some nerve for me to venture into my handbag armoire.

When you Win the Hermès Lottery: My Horseshoe Reveal

Part I: The 2019 Guide to Hermès Special Orders Time stamp: April

The 2019 Guide to Hermès Special Orders

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Tis the Season for Hermès Special Orders

Ask any Hermès superstar and they’ll tell you that this is the

5 Myths About the Hermès Special Order Process

Today, we’re dispelling the top 5 myths about the Hermès Special Order Process.

Exclusive Interview With Hermès Collector Jamie Chua

An exclusive Interview with Instagram queen Jamie Chua. Jamie shares her fashion inspirations and the history behind her impressive Hermès collections.

Part 6: PurseBop’s Special Order Birkin Reveal

PurseBop reveals her Special Order Birkin in this final chapter of a 6 part SO series. Article includes many closeup pictures the conclusion of the story.

Part Five: Mr. PurseBop Measures Up!

Mr. PurseBop gets his blogpost and own Hermes Special Order! Couples that Special Order together stay together! Details of the mens custom order process.

Part Four: Couples That Special Order Together Stay Together

Pursebop continues the reveal of her Hermès Special Order handbag in this lively detailed step by step narrative. Part four of the Special Order series.

Part Three: PurseBop Gets The Call

PurseBop shares her Special Order story first hand in an extensive step by step narrative. Part three of PurseBop’s Special Order series.

Hermes Special Orders: The Exclusive Horseshoe Club

PurseBop gives you an in depth report on the exclusive Hermes Special Orders. Report includes testimonials and pictures from leading Hermes afcianados.

A Very Special Hermes Delivery

Nine months of waiting brings a bundle of Hermes Joy! BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba finally reveals her Hermes Special Order Bag.

Hermes Special Order Story from BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba

Our latest BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba shares her Hermes Special Order story. Learn about all about the exclusive process and read her choices!

From Mini to More: Hermes Birkin Sizes

Ever wonder just how small the mini Birkin is??


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