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  • What a fantastic story!! I loved reading your experience!! It is such a thrill chasing that first Birkin! Thanks for sharing! :-)
  • UyandaM
    I totally love this story❤️??????
  • Pursebop
    absolutely love your story ❤️ and you know, how you felt about the B looking so different than what we had visualized holds so true for me too :) I used to think they look like glorified brief cases ? and thus fell really hard for Chanel early on in my ‘bag collecting’ career. I wish I had kept an open mind and diversified earlier, LOL. Now there is literally”NOT” a color that I wouldn’t love in what I thought was a “glorified brief case!”
  • favloves
    Lovely story. Your local store sounds amazing and I think with H, it all comes down to luck and timing. And in the process we also learn more about hermes (not just the bags) and come to love it even more. And of course we are taught patience too. Hehe.
  • LeOrangeBliss
    I love this!!! Thank yo for sharing your story Stylish Sheba! I agree I think a 40 would have been too big, even a 35 is too big (for me)… have you acquired other Bs since then? And what is your preferred leather?
  • PatiEv
    Love your story StylishSheba! even though you first regreted not taking the first B you came across, I think you did well, afterall, if you think your 35 is a bit big for you, just imagine what you would think of a 40 hahaha
  • Stylish Sheba
    luxe_lover, thank you I agree, you can never replace the excitement of bringing home your first Birkin. UyandaM this was such a great idea for a thread. Pursebop, that is hilarious that you thought of the Birkin as a glorified briefcase, and look at you now, you’re a first rate collector. It is just a little tough that you have to pay $11k to actually take one home and work out which leather and size works for you.. and that you do actually love it. favloves, my local store has been quite good to me, although you always want more than what they will offer you, so you always end up being a little unsatisfied! LeOrangeBliss, I have acquired a Birkin 30 and a Kelly 32 both in Epsom and although I seem to be in the minority, this is my favourite leather, I love the structure. What is your preferred leather? PatiEv, that is so true, imagine me with a 40, I could only have used it as my carry on bag when I was travelling!