Dear PurseBop

Dear PurseBop,

In response to the numerous questions we receive on a daily basis we have created an advice column. This portal is for our followers to submit questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments relating to purses and luxury shopping. Our passion is purses. We strive to share that passion with you.

Submit your question below on relevant topics that we as a community discuss.

Topic suggestions: building your bag collection, types of leathers and colors, whether to purchase at a boutique or from a reseller, your experience with resellers, what to keep or re-home in your collection, your shopping experience, your relationship with your SA, your budget concerns, etc. Questions that are unrelated to our daily content and topics may not be answered.

PurseBop’s team member, @pursespotter_karenzkloset will reach out to you via Instagram, if you choose to share your IG handle with us, if she has any questions. Your question (posted anonymously), and our response will be posted at under Dear PurseBop.

Submit your questions to Dear PurseBop here

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