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  • Pursebop
    OMG, I dont agree BUT I LOVE IT. I love a healthy discussion ?
  • omg I think a lot of people think like that… So sad ?
  • But you are so funny ???
  • BoyWithTheBag
    I was scared you would see my comment PurseBop.. and ban me!??? I love that we all love different bags. Of course my opinion is from a man’s point of view so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Orangeonmymind
    Francine, I have been waiting for the right Boy to come around so I can pull the trigger on a small boy bag. The metallic green is perfection. As much as I adore Delvaux and their craftsmanship, in this case I vote for the Boy! @styledguy- I absolutely love your comparison Lolol
  • LeOrangeBliss
    LOL StyledGuy I take offense too!!! :D
  • Stylish Sheba
    Ha, funniest comment ever StyledGuy! I think Delvaux must be very geographically specific in it’s admirers. I had never heard of it until I joined Instagram and I have yet to see one IRL.
  • PatiEv
    hahahahahahaha your comments always make me laugh HARD StyledGuy LOL!!!!
  • Hi leorangebliss, I reserved the Delvaux till next week so I can make a decision! Thank you all so much for the advice!
  • Omg. Too funny. Poor solange! But so true it’s not Beyoncé!
  • Hi ladies so I made a decision!!! It’s a boy!! And he will be here next week Yay!!!