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  • maroon5
    That’s a very impressive set Styled Guy. Loving the Damier.
  • BoyWithTheBag
    @maroon5 Thank you! :)
  • Pursebop
    Styled Guy you are one sharp traveller! I am due to upgrade my luggage too. Currently my set is tumi. I may reach out to you for LV carry on advice. I don’t know the names off the top of my head that I am contemplating, but will be back with specifics. Welcome, and a fabulous thread :)
  • BoyWithTheBag
    @Pursebop Tumi is awesome for when you need to check your luggage. Very durable. I can’t wait to see what LV pieces you add to your travel set. I’m not a total expert on carry-on luggage but I know enough to offer advice :) Whenever the time comes, feel free to message me.
  • Pursebop
    Styled Guy I will look uo my SA’s business card, he wrote them on the back. One was the one with 4 wheels that manouvered really well and the other was a 2 wheel one that I think is an older model but seemed sleeker. I like the traditional monogram because I have a briefcase from ages ago that I frequently travel with, one duffel & an age old backpack. But then again is that too much match match?
  • BoyWithTheBag
    @Pursebop I think the 4 wheel suitcase you’re talking about is called Zephyrs(?) or something similar. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the 4 wheelers are small enough for carry-ons. If my memory is correct the Pégase 55 Business is the largest carry-on suitcase available. I love the Monogram, I actually want my next suitcase to either be a monogram Pégase or a Goyard. I don’t think you need to worry about being too matchy when it comes to luggage, personally I find matching luggage charming. It’s not like wearing a Louis Vuitton Monogram belt, bracelet, speedy, and sneakers haha.

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