Another Hermès Leather Workshop Opens But When Will There Be More Birkins and Kellys?


For Hermès handbag fans, reports of a new Hermès leather production facility is always good news. More artisans working should mean more bags, especially Birkins and Kellys, right? And as discussed below, Hermès is true to its word that it is increasing its production capabilities. The question is, where are all the bags? And when we will be able to purchase?

Hermès inaugurated its twenty-second leather workshop last week on May 12, 2023. The new Maroquinerie de la Sormonne, located at Tournes-Cliron, is the second facility in the Ardennes region of France. The Maroquinerie de Bogny-sur-Meuse was created in the region 27 years ago.

The new workshop expects to employ 260 artisans trained at the École Hermès des savoir-faire. Yes, Hermès has its own apprenticeship training centre (CFA) accredited by the French Education Department, which delivers the CAP vocational diploma in leatherworking – located in Charleville-Mézières. Expansion of that program to include a certificate for cutting and stitching was announced in October 2022.

And as announced in April 2023, in 2027, Hermès expects to bring on a third leather workshop in Ardennes – in Charleville-Mézières. This news comes on the heels of the April 2023 official opening of the Maroquinerie de Louviers, Hermès’ second site in the Normandy region. This one too expects to employ 260 artisans – for leather and saddlery – along with staff.

According to Hermès, since 2010 it has opened 11 leather goods workshops in France. In other words, the number of places to create its popular bags has doubled! It now employs more than 4700 saddler- leatherworkers. And four more are expected over the next four years.

So, fingers crossed. Two new places for Hermès to create those Birkins and Kellys are now open. Let’s hope our SAs will be offering them soon.

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