Does Your Louis Vuitton Bag Cost or Come With A Fortune? Depends On the Bag


Feeling lucky? Or just seeking a glimpse into the future? Well, Louis Vuitton’s latest just might be for you . . . A fortune cookie handbag!!!

Shaped just like the cookie from your favorite Chinese restaurant, the zip-around fortune cookie wristlet bears LV monogram and arrives in a plastic bag just like the dessert. Both can be carried – the wristlet on the wrist and the plastic bag as a pouch. Plus . . . inside each bag there’s a special fortune!!! Presumably it says something other than “buy another bag” lol.

If the bag is too much for sweetness for you, there’s also a bag charm and key holder.

The bag retails for $2310 and the charm for $585.

So, what do you think? Cute or kitschy? Or both.

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