For the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Skip the Wish List and Go Straight to the Waitlist


Editor’s Update 5/27/23:

The waitlist has possible plans to be global for the Neverfull. What does that mean for Paris tourists hoping to take a Neverfull back home? The chances will be very slim. The waitlist is said to be roughly two months, yet it doesn’t guarantee you will receive one. 

Each boutique has their own waitlist. Once your Neverfull arrives, you will have 24 hours to decide whether you would like to accept the offer. If not, you bag will be given to the next lucky person the list. 

Whether this policy is permanent is unknown; however, it is said to be put in place in order for production to keep up with the high demand for this bag.


Maybe Louis Vuitton’s uber-popular Neverfull should be re-named the Never-Available. Word is that customers will no longer be able to walk into boutiques and purchase leather, Monogram, and Damier versions of the tote. Instead, potential buyers will be placed on a waitlist where they will, well obviously, wait until one is available. And this new protocol applies to all sizes.

lv neverfull waitlist | louis vuitton waitlist | lv neverfull

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Consider this a true waitlist. It is not a pre-order with pre-payment. Neverfull bags will be on display for viewing but not available to buy. Once at the top of the list, you will be notified to come to purchase. In the meantime, just sit and wait. Or get a different bag. 

The good news though is that Louis Vuitton limited release Neverfulls can be purchased at the boutique. There’s no waitlist procedure, although, of course, you may have to wait if there’s not one in stock. 

lv neverfull waitlist | louis vuitton waitlist | lv neverfull

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So, do you think Louis Vuitton is trying to push its special collection bags? Or control production and supply of the classic Neverfulls? Or something else altogether? Let us know.

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