The Hermes Surprise: #MyHermesChronicles


It’s been a while so let’s press refresh ⏯, this time #MyHermesChronicles took place at my very own NY home base.

I got the call from #Hermès ☎️, no it’s wasn’t the highly anticipated call of certain Noir or Etoupe wishlist items magically popping up, rather it was a notice that a pair of Joueuse boots was now available in my size at my local boutique.

To the Hermès boutique we march! Stroller, toddler and baby bump.
I have a 2 1/2 year old toddler who takes great pleasure in running his metal toy car across the shiny wooden and glass display-cases as he admires the dissonant sound of screening wheels ??.
He is easily amused by testing gravity with his leaking sippy cup ? over the light colored carpet at the boutique.
And then, for good measure, he applauds his performance ??.
Of course one adorable grin from my little mischievous monkey ? and all is forgiven ❤️️

My darling SA was well prepared for our arrival, armed with an Hermès official coloring book, a pack of crayons and a pair of eager helping hands ??. Surprisingly, it kept him occupied for a whole 29 solid minutes.

My heart was originally set on the Neo flat boots in classic black but unfortunately it was sold out within the US in my size (37)?.
The Joueuse was only available in “Black Multicolor” with a stripe of olive green cedar leather at the back.
Not quite what I was looking for as a practical pair of boots for this looming winter season. ☃️❄️
Quick search within the system led to a single solid black Joueuse pair in my size at a boutique across the country.
Pressed on time, I decide to give it a go ⚖️.
After all, both styles feature the palladium pleated Kelly buckle and seemed equally as comfortable within the first few strides taken at the boutique.

As I was lacing up my sneakers?, bending down at this point is an onerous and time consuming task ?, I noticed a few SAs whispering in my HFairy’s✨ ears bombarding her with what seem to be urgent questions.
What can they possibly want⁉️ ?
I strapped my little one into his stroller, ready to leave the comfortable leather seat at the rather quite Women’s RTW section and head towards the registry ????

Out comes HFairy✨ carrying a sealed orange box “SURPRISE‼️” she proclaims. I know that’s quite unorthodox ?

On cue, my heart starts pounding a little, fine? , a lot faster and my palms got sweaty with excitement.
Pregnancy symptoms❓??? I am afraid not ?.
This physiological adrenaline rush followed by a heightening of the senses can only be attributed to the #Hermès phenomenon ?

She explained that a special bag has arrived and she decided to put it aside. It was placed on hold and let’s be honest, I was already sold ?

What can possibly be inside this little orange box⁉️
A Medor clutch⁉️
Perhaps a highly coveted Kelly Pochette or Kelly Cut⁉️
Oh, please let it be in Epsom with a Gold Hardware touch.
Oh my, am I asking for too much⁉️ .

The box was slowly opened, and the tissue paper peeled aside.
Two brown suede gloves pulled the canvas dustbag’s strings apart and exposed- ?drumroll ?- my very first Constance bag ?

HFairy✨ exposed the thin long leather straps, that’s Epsom leather, I gasped ?.
A vibrant pop of Rose Jaipur color emerged and as you can imagine my excitement surly surged ⬆️.
The hardware piece was about to surface and I got slightly nervous ?.
To my great joy and relief, Gold Hardware peeked through and I just emitted a very loud “Phew…” ?.
The best part was yet to come❗️
This Constance was in the 18cm rare and coveted size, oh I was delighted to bring home this extraordinary prize ?

Wit and rhymes aside, some may recall my very first encounter with the color “Rose Japiur” ??.
It was roughly a year back when hubby wanted to surprise me with an ? bag.
To my dismay, it was a larger than life, Epsom Kelly Sellier?.
At 35cm long it was just all wrong. Sadly it did not appear so “chic” on my rather narrow physique?.
This girl likes shiny gold and palladium hardware just seemed plain cold.
After 28 sleepless nights I have decided this Kelly was simply not right ?.
Although beautiful, the size certainly was a nonnegotiable this time around ?.
It was put back for adoption at the Madison Boutique, hoping for a buyer with a more proportionate physique ?.

To conclude this portion of #MyHermesChronicles I’d like to share a little lesson I have learned along the way.
This may apply to more than just purses ?.
Be patient, persistent and set your preferences straight.
The object of your desire will come along when you least expect it.
Hermès casts a strong spell but learning to resist offers that are not right for you is key?.
Sudden change of heart⁉️ Fear not❗️Opt for the store credit, that’s right❗️
Trust me, your SA will not lose your number nor will your name will appear at the top of a fabricated “blacklist” the following night ??

The hunt, chase and impeding reward are all part of the exhilarating Hermès phenomenon that keeps us coming back for more ????
Yes indeed, the leather craftsmanship is superb and the personal customer service is second to none.
But even more so, it is about the personal story attributed to each special purchase we acquire along the way.
The offers we turn down and the little heartbreaks we suffer contribute to the storyline, ultimately creating a more satisfying finale.
All of these elements together make the Hermès shopping experience all the more magical✨.

Thank you for letting me share another episode of #MyHermesChronicles ?

Until next time… @StyledbyShiShi

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