Dear Pursebop community!
I want to share some moments and contrasts from my daily life!

I am so grateful to be a part of this, what we share with each other here! All the help and advises @pursebop , this site and you guys have given me!
The inspiration to buy new pieces!
Thank you!

Yes I am a truck driver, a showjumping rider and a huge fashion enthusiast!
I LOVE FASHION, and I am a designer myself, of equestrian wear, riding pants

The contrasts are huge, from driving the 12 m long, 4 m high truck with 7 horses onboard to shows all over Europe, to dress up pretty for dinner together with my husband, clients and friends!

I love to use the big brands as a part of my horse riding wardrobe!
Since they are the VERY best quality i don’t have to b scared, they will survive!

To work with horses is both glam and hard work! As a owner You get to follow your horse and rider to the most exciting destinations! To sit at the VIP eating fine dining while crossing your fingers for your 4 legged friend to take home the big win!
To make connections, the worlds wealthiest people have showjumping horses, Bill Gates, Bruce Springsteen, Eve Jobs are just some names I’m sure you recognize!

So being a owner means that you might actually be able to make some great business connections for your self or maybe for your husband!

To own a horse can also be very rewarding financial, it will always give you joy and excitement, but if you invest well and have people you trust you can buy a horse for 500 000 euro and end up selling it for 3 million euro. This all depends that the horse is not over worked so he becomes injured, it depends on his performance that also depends of the happiness of the horse!

You have to plan the right competitions and also some free time at home so the horse stays happy and healthy and are fit to do his best!

If you are a rider and a owner like me, I ride our own horses! Rider and owner, – I do both! I even drive them myself so I know that they are transported safe and that they are comfortable on the trip! Then I can feed the specific horse with the food he likes and is best for his heath!

I train the horses at home and also compete them! I have employees that I can trust 100% to take care of the horses, so it also can be time for me to enjoy my other interest!

Like fashion, shopping and following all of you on Instagram! To get inspired by you and connect!

This was just a little about me and what we do! It’s interesting to know how you guys integrate fashion in your personal life style! I really hope you will like my pictures in this post and I would be very happy if you would follow me on my fashion account! It’s private but I accept every request!

Fashion account

I am so happy for all the information and kind answers you give me when I have some fashion questions, so
If any of you are interested in horses i will gladly give my best advice! Just send me a DM

My horseriding account 96K followers

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More pics

  • Maura Carlin

    love the Birkin in the truck . . After all, Hermès history is equestrian so it fits

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More pictures, ????and the shoes that goes with me to the shows

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Best truck food

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