Rihanna Travels With a Clear Suitcase


In the latest exploits of music and fashion star RiRi, she was seen at New York’s JFK Airport using a completely see-through roller board. While the photo only show pops of color, we can just imagine close ups of our luggage with clear views of otherwise “unmentionables” lol. Surely, airport security will be pleased but, it left us wondering whether the world is really ready to see what and how we pack?

The bag is identified as an Off-White product. Off-White you may recall is led by Louis Vuitton men’s designer Virgil Abloh, also a friend of Rihanna. And we know she is not only a fan of LV, but her Fenty label is part of the LVMH family. Moreover, a collaboration between LV-owned Rimowa and Off-White for a transparent suitcase has been in the works for quite awhile. Off-White and Rimowa Teamed Up on a 1000 Transparent Suitcase It sold for about $1500 on StockX. FYI, there are much less expensive see-through bags available on other sites.

Thoughts? Do you want to be this transparent? Let us know.

PS – notice the Dior Book Tote in the background, presumably toted by RiRi’s security.

Rihanna Photo Courtesy: IG@justjared via backgrid.