Can You Go To Your Hermès Boutique With A Preloved Quota Bag?


Dear PurseBop:

Can you go to your Hermès boutique with a preloved quota bag? Would it hurt your chances of getting your first in store quota?

Dear Preloved Quota Bag Owner:

Any Hermès handbag that is authentic should be worn, enjoyed, and displayed with pride. You may wear your preloved quota bag to your local Hermès boutique, in Paris at all the locations, or anywhere else you are comfortable wearing it. No one knows where you purchased your bag and will not likely ask. It shows your love of the brand and should be worn with pride.

It should not hurt your chances of getting your first quota bag in your local boutique. You could consider telling your SA you are excited to get your first quota bag from the boutique and that you purchased this one from a respected reseller which made you fall more in love with the brand. Your SA wants you to be happy, to enjoy your purchases, and to love and use the brand.

What does matter is that the bag is authentic. If you bought your quota bag from a respected reseller and you are sure it is authentic, then wear it with pride and admiration to all boutiques in any location. It shows your loyalty and love of the brand and that is what Hermès values the most.

Happy shopping and enjoy your quota bag.


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