Is A Kelly To Go or A Constance To Go More Popular and Valuable?

Dear PurseBop,

I got a Kelly to Go but have realized the clasp is such a hassle to open & close! Do you think I should try to get a Constance to Go even though I prefer the aesthetic of the Kelly to Go? Which style is more popular/valuable?
Thank you!
Dear Kelly To Go,
Both a Kelly To Go and a Constance To Go are great mini Hermès bags that are easy to wear and use on a daily basis. However, both bags offer challenges when trying to open and close the front flap.
If you own a Constance already, you may be familiar with the large H clasp and the struggle they sometimes pose. They are not always the easiest to open, and you risk scratching the leather in the area where you open the clasp each time you access the inside. Some Constance bags can be adjusted to make the clasp easier to open, but SA’s caution against this because it could cause the clasp to become too easy and prevent it from staying closed.
If you own a Kelly bag there are similar struggles with the flap and sangles as you may be experiencing with the Kelly to Go which is why many people leave their handbag open (not recommended), or merely close the clasp but not the sangles.
Our recommendation is to try the Constance to Go either in the Hermès boutique or at a reseller’s store before deciding to purchase one. Both have about the same value on the secondary market. They do not sell at a large premium on the secondary market so we recommend you buy what you love and will use. There are many other Hermès bags that are easy to access inside that you might consider. See our linked articles below for some choices. 
Good luck and happy shopping.
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