Where Can I Rehome My Hermès Bag and Other Items?


Dear PurseBop,

I am an Hermès Lover also, but my collection is not as large as others. I have some bags and other things from Hermès.
I just need advice on where I can sell my Birkin 25 black with gold hardware, togo leather, Year 2021, Z stamp.
What is the current price if I sell my bag now. And, it is the right time to sell now or should I wait for the price to go up in the secondary market?
Any other advice for planning to sell my bag and other items from Hermès would be greatly appreciated.
I hope I can hear a response from you.
Thank you and Best Regards!

Dear Rehome My Bag,
You have many options when deciding to rehome a Hermès bag. Your black Birkin 25 with gold hardware in togo leather is one of the most popular Birkins. However, the price you will be able to receive for your bag depends on many factors: 
      - the age of the bag
      - the condition of the bag when sold (new, excellent, very good, etc.)
      - the size, color, leather and hardware
      - the forum you use to sell the bag whether a trusted reseller, an online site that allows you to sell your bag yourself, or using social media.
The easiest way to sell your bag and other Hermès items is to submit an online submission form to a trusted reseller such as Fashionphile, Luxury Promise, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, or Heritage Auctions. They will oftentimes agree to buy your bag outright. Sometimes, if it is not brand new, they may suggest consigning the bag. Upon submission, these resellers will give you a no obligation offer to buy your bag. If you agree they will advise you how to proceed. It is generally easy and stress free. 
Other options are to use an online selling platform such as Poshmark, Vestiaire, or Ebay. However, they will take a fee based on the sale price. But they handle the transaction and the money transfer so you do not have to.
A third option is to sell the bag yourself by posting it on social media. This may get you the highest return but comes with the added risk of being paid, not being scammed, insuring that the bag arrives safely, and is not returned damaged or otherwise. There are a lot of factors to consider if you decide to sell it on your own.
We recommend doing your homework on each of the different methods and deciding which one is best for you. Using a respected and well known reseller takes almost all of the stress or risk out of the transaction. But they may offer you less than you were hoping to get. Nevertheless, your submission is under no obligation to accept so it is a good way to determine the value of your bag.
Good luck and do your research.
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