A Favorite Dior Tote is About to Get Smaller

** UPDATE ** as of May 7th, 2019

Dior book tote lovers – if you’re looking to downsize, the new small version has been delayed. It’s moved from this year to 2020 (at least in the United States). We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Original Book tote versus smaller now expected to release in 2020 @saeahdenizz

It was a big year for Dior bags. Much of the hype focused on the reemergence of the 2000-era saddle bag designed by John Galliano when he headed Dior. But for those with a lot of daily baggage, the Dior Book Tote tote-ally eclipsed its horsey rival. It’s not too late to join this book club.

The Book Bag Tote

Big, bold and beautiful, this fabric-fabricated tote is luxurious, versatile and capacious. How large you ask? Well, it wouldn’t hold all of Shakespeare’s works, but you could carry the Shades of Grey series, lol. More specifically, with a rigid, structured construction, it measures 16” wide by 13” high by 2” deep. It can be carried by hand/wrist or on the shoulder. Just beware that if you are at all “vertically challenged”, the bag may approach the ground. But the big news is that… a smaller version is on the way this Spring.

The interior is clean and fabric-lined… .meaning no pockets, zippers or hardware. If you want to toss your life (whether work, play, city, beach or baby) into a bag, this will work. If you like sections and organization, you’ll have to provide your own.

The exterior boldly proclaims “Christian Dior,” literally. However, as shown below, there is room for your name or handle as well.

Photo courtesy: @dior

Photo courtesy: dior.com

Fabrication and Personalization

The Book Tote comes in lots of fabrics and colors. One of the first models was a colorful textile issued for Spring-Summer 2018.


The revived classic blue Oblique canvas logo fabric also covers the Book Tote, as well as newer colors like warm burgundy.

Photo courtesy: @dior

Some Dior stores offer personalization – such as names, initials, #handles. Take a look at Rocky a$ap’s bag. Just be aware that this option is not offered at all stores at all times. 

Photo courtesy: @dior

Not surprisingly, IG fashion star and influencer Eva Chen has her own “eva” book tote.

Photo courtesy: @evachen212

Dior also revamped its Toile De Jouy fabric and provided video showing that creating the book tote in this material requires 35 hours of hand embroidery and a one a half a million stitches.

For Cruise 2019, the toile pattern is more fierce… adding a medley of wild animals that is all the rage.

Photo courtesy: dior.com

Photo courtesy: dior.com


Clearly, this bag is popular among the fashion set, especially those on Instagram. Eva Chen posted at least six pix of her Book Tote – traveling, in the office and with her legs. 

Chen is far from alone. On a recent trip to Miami, we saw the tote everywhere, from the airport, to the beach, at dinner and, naturally, in the Dior store. Below, see some other influencers and their totes.

Photo courtesy: @chiaraferragni

Photo courtesy: @leoniehanne

Photo courtesy: @jaesukkim

Photo courtesy: @tsangtastic

So, is this tote your bag? Would you prefer the smaller size?

Let us hear from you.

Love, PurseBop

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