As we currently are staying in total at the Italian Riviera???????? A lot of summer clothes and bags, both causal and dresses up are being used!

I have a small obsession in occasions wearing EVERYTHING from one brand!

So we are here and it’s a given that I don’t dress the same here as I do in Geneva at home! This is more excotic while in Geneva I dress more formal with the most beautiful dresses and skirts!
So when we are here and I’m going to the pool or the beach with my same brand obsession, I sometimes have to be creative!

When I’m going all in Chanel it’s easy, KL has created all you need for a top chick beach outfit!
But when I’m going all in LV, and want to have a matching monogram combined with DA/ summer trucks, my designer mind comes in handy! And this is my solution! With the help of a safety pin, this scarf turns in to a skirt! Marching my outfit perfectly!


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Brilliant creativity :-)

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