$35,000 Birkin Bag Stolen from Mother & Daughter in Great Neck 


Currently, police are on the lookout for four men who carried out a robbery in Great Neck, Long Island.  The culprits managed to escape with various belongings, including a highly valuable Hermès Birkin bag.

Great Neck. Image courtesy Retire at the Beach

The unfortunate incident occurred when a mother and daughter had arranged to meet an individual who was interested in purchasing the Birkin bag, which was priced at $35,000. Police reported that the meeting took place on Bellingham Lane on June, 21. 

According to authorities, as the 45-year-old victim stepped out of her vehicle, a dark-colored SUV pulled up, and three men emerged from the car. The suspects forcefully demanded the handover of the Birkin bag, as well as cellphones, jewelry, purses, and cash. 

Police report that the 17-year-old daughter was then forced out of the car, and the suspects resorted to pepper spraying both the mother and daughter in their faces. Swiftly after, all four suspects sped away from the scene in the SUV.

The victims were transported to the hospital and expected to recover.

This incident serves as a reminder to exercise caution when engaging with unfamiliar individuals for transactions. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety when meeting with strangers to buy or sell items. Particularly when high-value items such as luxury handbags and jewelry are involved. 

Would you feel comfortable meeting with a stranger to sell a luxury handbag?

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OMG!! That’s absolutely another level of robbery! 😩😩 Thanks for sharing!!

  • CTgal

    I sell many things on-line. However, I live in a gated community with security cameras. I make it clear in my adds that all pick-ups are outside in my driveway and that there are security cameras. I’m privileged, but if I didn’t live here, I would find a place where I knew there were security cameras in place to do the exchange, preferably near a police station, and make it clear in my ads that’s where the exchange will take place.

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