A Fantasy Come to Life: Real Breakfast at Tiffany's


One of the most memorable and romantic films of the 1960s, Breakfast at Tiffany’s captured the world’s imagination through Holly Golightly, its glamorous Texan protagonist, and her daily pilgrimage to Tiffany’s jewelry store. The image of Hepburn standing in front of the Tiffany’s display, nibbling on a pastry in her little black dress from last night’s party, is still so strong in the public consciousness that Tiffany’s has fully embraced it and opened The Blue Box Café in its Fifth Avenue location.

Rather than braving the cold with a croissant in hand, you can enjoy the luxury of Tiffany’s seated comfortably in the Blue Box Café. With 40 seats, the café offers an intimate and almost fantastical experience.

What’s on the menu? The café offers smoked salmon, avocado toast, and truffled eggs on it’s breakfast menu. For lunch you can enjoy a club sandwich and Maine lobster salad. All meal options have a prix fixé: breakfast is $29, lunch is $39 (and includes a starter and main course) and tea is $49. If you choose The Blue Box Café as the venue for your birthday celebration, you can request a Tiffany’s box cake, with glimmering turquoise icing and a satiny white bow, for $36.

In the words of Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co.’s artistic director, “The space is experimental and experiential— a window into the new Tiffany’s.” We couldn’t be more excited!!

To all our New York readers: if you visit the café, please comment with pictures and stories! We’re dying to know what it’s like.


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