A Kaleidoscope of Louis Vuitton Colors


Truth be told, I’ve always veered towards the creative side. My wardrobe is a kaleidoscope of colors. Plus I miss wandering through museums and being immersed in art. When I was a child, I would bewilder my parents by suddenly creating these pastel, watercolor and oil masterpieces by just staring at the outdoor garden.

Fast forward several decades, it was only natural that I was instantly smitten with this unique collection – dubbed the “artist palette”. 🎨 Unlike some releases, this wasn’t created by Virgil Abloh but rather the in-house designers. And like most offerings, the release was very hush hush and only offered to the most exclusive VIP (we’re talking sheiks).

When I first saw it on social media, my neck almost had whiplash and said “what’s that?!” Then I sent a screenshot to a dear friend who not only approved but also introduced me to one of her lovely personal shoppers. Why? Because obtaining this gem turned out to be a herculean event!

First I went to my local LV boutique – where my CA said she wasn’t able to preorder. Right up to this collection, the brand allowed you to preorder. But for whatever reason, the rules then changed depending on where you go.

Which then led me to my new BFF – aforementioned personal shopper. He got me on the list but I was #2! Mon dieu!

Next up was a lovely CA in the opposite coast who offered to add me to his buy list but I was #3. I know I know, I’m going the opposite direction here. 🤦‍♀️

By now I nearly gave up and decided on a hail Mary approach. I emailed their customer service and succinctly explained my arduous journey. At that point, I figured I literally had nothing to lose. Not only did they answer but they connected me with a lovely concierge that allowed me to preorder! I just about died.

And right at launch, guess who showed up? Isn’t she a beauty?😍

This is part of the watercolor collection (for men) but aimed to be more unisex. I can’t wait for it to be safer to travel so that I can break in this lovely. Until then, it will be proudly displayed in my showcase and remind me of happier times plus my new LV family.

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