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Our friend and community member @alextusaigon recently shared with us her happy story.:

I would like to tell you my lovely story in Paris this June.

One of my beloved friend @oh_mp did introduce me your IG once I told her I would love to have a B or a K. I “did my homework” by reading your posts of new Hermes system and other detailed posts. Feeling like taking an exam with a great award – nervous and exciting at the same time, I prepared as much as I could.

Renting a cozy apartment from my friend with the amazing view of Eiffel Tower (photos attached), I enjoyed my summer time in Paris and of course, took part in the game to make Hermes Fairies smile on me: register online to secure an appointment at FSH. First day, waiting until 7:00 pm and got a text message saying “No Appointment”. Second day, like the day before, waiting until 7:00 pm and also a text message saying “No Appointment”. Since the weekend was approaching, I had to wait until next Monday to book an appointment for Tuesday, plus, my flight of Paris would be Wednesday.

I did not give up. I wanted to take any chance I have. I did “the routine” again on Monday in the morning, around 10:40 am. And spent my day roaming around Paris although this was my “many-time” in Paris. Around 6pm on Monday it started raining so hard when I was nearby Saint Michel metro station so I decided to buy a book of Paris’ beautiful monuments at the famous bookstore Gibert Jeune and took my time sipping a Cappuccino at a cafe right there. The book was interesting, I almost forgot the time. Suddenly my iPhone vibrated. I thought it was a Viber or What’s app text. But believe it or not, it was the text from Hermes saying that “Your appointment is confirmed…” My heart jumped fast. I re-read the text. I couldn’t believe I successfully secured an appointment at a perfect timing: registered on Monday, appointment held on Tuesday and leaving on Wednesday. I texted my friends that I got my appointment. All were excited and wished me all the best.

I took Metro back to the lovely apartment. Of course, I had to well prepare for the important day. I chose little black dress tailored for me, a Burberry classic trench coat in honey color, a Hermes scarf in pink and orange colors, a pair of Gucci mules, a pair of Gucci cat-eye sunnies, Tom Ford Ruby Rush red lipstick and a medium Chanel classic double flap in black caviar.

My appointment would be at 3:05 pm on Tuesday. To be honest, I didn’t sleep well for the night before the day of appointment. At that time, I realized how challenging this game was. But I had no choice: to rise and to shine. On Tuesday, I went out at 12pm, walking around the FSH store to know exactly the location. Then I had lunch at a cafe nearby. I also checked my appointment’s online link frequently to make sure I’d go to the store on time. My appointment time changed like dancing: 3:05 pm to 3:00 pm, then 2:55 pm, 2:50 pm, 2:45 pm, back to 2:50 pm, 3:00 pm and 3:05 pm. But at 2:15 pm I left the cafe and got in the FSH store at 2:25 pm. I informed the staff at the ground floor about my appointment. She borrowed my passport and advised me to wait for the text messages. Soon after that, I got a text message saying my SA would be ready shortly. The second message saying my SA was ready to meet me. I went to the counter and saw my SA.

Very straight forwards, my SA asked how he could help me. I told him I would like to buy some shoes, perfumes, scarves, accessories and of course a B or a K. For the B or K, I would love to have a small size like 25, hot color, gold hardware since I am tiny and my accessories are normally in gold hardware. He listened attentively and ask me if he couldn’t offer any B or K, I would be open for any other bags or not. I said maybe a small Rouli could do the job. He borrowed my passport and asked me if this was my first time in FSH store. I confidently said yes (who doesn’t have the first time!) and kept my eye contact with him: looking straight to his eyes and remained calm. He gave me back my passport and told me to wait right there. I said thank you and played with my phone.

Off he went. About 15 minutes later, he came back with 3 orange boxes. Since this was my first time, I couldn’t guess what was inside those alluring ones. He told me to follow him and we went upstairs (one floor up) and entered a small room in a quiet 2nd floor. In the room, he told me “I ve got a Birkin for you.” I almost jumped and wanted to hug him 1000 times. I starring at his every single move: open the lid, open the wrapping paper, open the dust bag, pull out the bag. My award was right in front of me: B25, in Togo leather, Cappucine color, gold hardware. Everything was exactly like I requested. What were in the other two boxes. My SA told me he picked 2 accessories for my Birkin: a silk compartment also in the same orange shade since it helps protect my gem and a medium horse bag charm in blue color to make my B fun and chic. And of course, it was totally my choice to take the accessories or not. I couldn’t say thanks enough to my beyond-effective SA. Finally, he said his other colleague would help me with my other items.

To my surprise, I was offered straight a Birkin 25 without asking buy other items. At FSH store! The mothership store of Hermes in Paris! Truly, the Hermes God smiled on me! However, I didn’t want to be merely a taker, I bought a Twilly, a 90×90 silk scarf, a perfume bottle (and save shoes for my next time in Paris in July).

Walking out of the store, I felt like riding clouds back home: so happy and so fulfilled! It is not only the hard-to-buy bag but the whole process makes you like a crowned queen. I absolutely love it!

I hope this story reaches you well and please encourage other ladies to take the chance and thrive!

Love  @alextusaigon

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This is my dream story! I’m going in November! Fingers crossed!

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