A Sweet Treat While Waiting for a Special Order


A Sweet Treat While Waiting for a Special Order

Once upon a time, about 857 days ago, I was lucky enough to place a special order for an Hermès bag. (More about that experience in PurseBop’s article Hermès Special Orders: The Exclusive Horseshoe Club. Every Hermès bag is special but I was so excited to order my very first bicolor bag with contrasting interior and exterior leather colors. These bags have that secret color that pops out at you every time you open your bag. That pop of color that will put a smile on your face.

The excitement from my order has not disappeared, and if anything, it has become more intense. That is until the day my SA gave me a very intriguing phone call. This was not for my special order but for something just as special.

It would be incredibly difficult to resist one of my favorite shades of pink. But the most intriguing part is that this pink is only on the inside of the bag. The outside was an entirely different color.

Opening any orange box is exhilarating, so please join me.

I have always preferred swift leather and this bag is in taurillon clemence. It is a solid and thick leather that smells absolutely divine. It has texture and yet feels so incredibly soft. The blue nuit and rose pourpre are complimentary colors and look perfect with the palladium hardware.

I may have to wait another 857 days until my special order arrives but the new Hermes verso has definitely stolen my heart and makes me feel like something special has already arrived.

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