A Tale of 4 Cities, 2 Strangers & A Beautiful Rose Clair Chanel Flap


Sometimes getting that dream bag depends upon the kindness of strangers. PurseBop reader @my.stylediary shares her story

It was a rainy January morning when I was having coffee and playing with my puppy. With 2 hours before I started my first zoom meeting, I decided to browse Instagram (not something I do that early – mind you it was still 6.30am). Once a week I look up small accounts (like mine) with creative and beautifully photographed bags. Little did I know that this browsing endeavor would result in getting to know a very nice lady who would make my impossible dream of adding a 21C Rose Clair medium Chanel flap to my collection, a reality.

During my morning IG browsing, I discovered a new account that recently joined Instagram. The photos were dreamy, the composition instantly captured your attention, and the content was nothing short of the most beautiful collection of Chanel & Hermes bags. You will recognize this account by the now quite famous handle of @fashionxfrenchfries”.

After ‘chatting’ for a few weeks in DMs, I congratulated her on the stunning – and very hard to come by – Rose Clair Chanel flap she shared on her stories. A couple of days later (after several discussions about my trying to find one) I was surprised when she offered: “Do you want me to ask my SA to find you one?”

Right there and then, I followed my heart, leaving reason and logic behind, trusting her and the ‘Chanel Gods’. Because, I had to ask myself: I have only known this very lovely lady on IG, she is by all means a complete stranger, and yes I loved our chats and she was super sincere, yet if her SA could find me one, I wouldl still be transferring a considerable sum of money to a stranger.

Logic brought a ton of ‘what if’ scenarios into play. Then were the questions of logistics – how will I manage to actually get the bag. I cannot have it shipped directly to Egypt because of the insane customs (almost 100% ). All of these questions did not cross my mind initially. I started to think about them months later lol. My immediate answer was “can she do that” and she quickly replied “No problem, it’s just really a phone call”.

An adrenaline packed journey started when her SA found one in Madrid and confirmed she would transfer it to Paris. Part 1 of 3 of the bag’s journey was successful when I received a DM saying “Just breathe! You will have your bag”. I was over the moon with another message saying “Your bag is on its way to Paris”, because now Mademoiselle Rose Clair (the name I gave her when I was sure then she will be mine) would soon be with @fashionxfrenchfries who then kindly shipped it to Dubai, thereby concluding Part 2 of her journey.

On February 20th, I awoke up to a message “It’s in Dubai”…All I could think of now, is when I can take time off to go to Dubai to get Ms Rose Clair (and another bag, a small black flap with charms that my Dubai SA managed to order for me, she said they ordered only this one for their boutique – but that’s a story for another day lol).
When I finally made it to Dubai in May and saw the bag, I was elated. The videos and photos @fashionxfrenchfries sent me were meticulously done, but still didn’t do her justice. Her beauty cannot be accurately captured on camera.

I know Chanel issued a similar color in the 21S collection but with a lilac undertone, but my heart will always belong to this beauty. She travelled halfway around the world to me: from Madrid to Paris, then all the way to Dubai and finally back home with me to Cairo. It probably a lot more than both @fashionxfrenchfries and I will get to travel in 2021 lol ..

You can imagine that it was difficult to stop thanking her. But just for you to get a glimpse of how amazing that lady is, when I tried to express my gratitude and tell her that it might seem as something small, but she made someone she never met very happy, her reply was “Isn’t it how the world should work? It would be a better place if everyone helped one another. No hatred, only love for every human and animal”.


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