Another Canal Street Bust: NYPD Seizes $35M in Knockoff Designer Goods


Police made their move once again to disrupt the sales of counterfeit luxury goods, in the infamous Canal Street.  

Image courtesy: @NYPDChiefPatrol via New York Post

According to the New York Post, on Thursday, September 14, the NYPD pulled off a staggering raid – seizing some $35 million in counterfeit designer goods, along with the arrest of 18 individuals. The goods in question included mounds of fake handbags, small leather goods, and accessories. Through the NYPost photos, you can spot countless bags purporting to be Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Goyard, Hermès, and Saint Laurent, amongst others.

Image courtesy: @NYPDChiefPatrol via New York Post

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell gave insight into the magnitude of this issue, in a video posted on social media. Handbags by the dozen adorned subway grates, while wallets, sunglasses, and caps were meticulously displayed on tables at the corner of Canal Street and Broadway. 

According to NYPD Inspector William Glynn, the operation was fueled by numerous complaints from both the community and business owners.

“We received a tremendous amount of complaints about counterfeit goods from the community and from the business owners. So as you can see, there is a tremendous amount…and we’re here seizing that, and taking it off the streets.”

The takedown unfolded along Canal Street, stretching from Church Street to Broadway, and along Broadway from Walker Street to Howard Street – on the border of Tribeca and Chinatown. The scale of the operation was so massive that it required the assistance of three NYPD flatbed tow trucks to haul away the mountain of knockoff merchandise.

Image courtesy: @NYPDChiefPatrol via New York Post

The outcome of this successful raid? Eighteen individuals were consequently arrested, and are facing charges primarily related to trademark counterfeiting. It’s a clear message that authorities are determined to protect the authenticity of luxury brands and the interests of consumers.

It was only Thursday, August 17,  that a similar bust took place on Canal Street. This recent bust resulted in $30 million in fake luxury bags, watches, and sneakers being seized, along with the arrest of eight illegal street vendors. A situation that is becoming even more frequent. 

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Image courtesy: @NYPDChiefPatrol via New York Post

Since this spate of busts, NY law enforcement officials have made a commitment to maintain their efforts in preventing the unlawful sales of counterfeit goods. Officer Baudette stated: 

“We’re going to continue with the operations. Going forward, we’re also going to be posting officers here to try to prevent this setup, so the gentlemen don’t waste their time out here losing their merchandise or getting arrested and so forth.”

What are your thoughts on this latest raid? Do you think luxury fashion brands are seeing a decline in sales in favour of fake goods? Let us know.