Arnold Schwarzenegger Caught! What Not To Do While Traveling with Luxury


Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic actor, and former California governor, found himself in a customs dilemma at Munich airport on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Schwarzenegger was traveling with what was purported to be an undeclared Audemars Piguet watch. As a result, Munich customs officers stepped in and detained the actor for three hours. 

Image courtesy: CNN

The watch, destined for a charity auction in Austria, left the star facing unexpected challenges. Schwarzenegger caught off guard without the necessary declaration form, agreed to prepay over $10,000 in taxes for the watch. However, complications arose when customs struggled to process his credit card. Forced to withdraw cash from an ATM, he encountered withdrawal limits, leading authorities on a quest to find an open bank. Eventually, a new credit card machine saved the day. 

Despite the bureaucratic mishap, Schwarzenegger cooperated throughout the ordeal. The actor’s nonprofit, the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, plans to report the watch appropriately after its charity auction. The Munich Mai n Customs Office has initiated criminal proceedings against Schwarzenegger for tax evasion, emphasizing the importance of declaring valuable items at customs. German customs regulations require the declaration of funds exceeding 10,000 euros, with special procedures for valuable objects like jewelry.

Despite the hiccup, Schwarzenegger remains upbeat, expressing confidence in a successful charity event. As luxury lovers, it’s crucial to understand customs regulations and properly declare valuable possessions to avoid unforeseen detentions and tax issues during international travel. Check out our extensive guides on traveling with luxury. 

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Situations like this urge us to reemphasize the importance of taking the appropriate steps to ensure you are traveling, safely and securely with your luxury goods. As a result, you can avoid any unpleasant experiences, unlike the Terminator!