Insiders Look Into the Hermès Austin Store Opening


I had the pleasure of getting to go to Austin Hermes opening and it was a dream come true… I even got to meet and talk to Robert Chavez, President/CEO of Hermès & he even helped me a few times as I shopped.

The weekend started with a private invite Friday April 29th with cocktails to preview the new store then they shuttled some of guests to dinner a few blocks down. The night was magical and so many beautiful dressed guests with dream bags on.

The following day I was one of the lucky few with appointments right after ribbon was cut for grand opening. The line was so long and I heard people from all over came in to try to get in and started the night before at 11am. So many beautiful hard to find peices and of course I had to get as many things as I could from my wish list….I even got offered my dream bag thanks to my amazing Hermes fairy! A ToGo gray b25 with palladium hardware!

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It’s so wonderful to see actual bags upon bags on display in a US store! While they are trickling in to my local boutique these days (including my new Kelly 28 in Gris Meyer) it’s so exciting to see so many beutiful Hermes creations out in the open to choose from! Thanks so much for posting all the eye candy!!!!

  • Flippinginstyle

    I was too! I didn’t get to take a picture of all of them but I’m sure it was a rare sight. An amazing experience forsure!

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