Ballet Gabrielle Chanel world premiere in Moscow


I am happy to continue sharing with you my chanel experience. Every event I attend world wide is very special for me as for example the one i was invited to attend last month in Moscow. I was delighted to be one of those fist lucky ones to see the world ballet premiere called “Gabrielle Chanel” at the legendary historical scene of Bolshoy theater in Moscow where famous Svetlana Zakharova the current prima ballerina of Bolshoy theater and La Scala theater was performing and playing Great Mademoiselle herself. The performance consisted of two 1 act ballets and both were the part of the new MODANSE project. This project combines music, choreography and art of a suit and consists of two one-act ballets “As breath” and “Gabrielle Chanel”. The first ballet “As breath” is a statement of the Italian choreographer Mauro Bigontzetti, its the adapted version of his ballet which premiere was held in La Scala theater in 2017. Where the main parts were performed by Svetlana Zakharova and Roberto Bolle on the music of George Frederick Handel. It is a modern reading of the baroque esthetics. The second part of the program was the world premiere of the ballet “Gabrielle Chanel”. The composer Ilya Demutsky, the choreographer Yuri Possokhov, the director and the author of the libretto Alexey Frandetti have created together thethe beautiful story about the life of the legendary Mademoiselle. The result of this cooperation is an art work, a tribute to the big talent and the deep strong personality. The performance tells us the story about the life of the well-known couturier in several pictures: her debut as the singer in cabaret, her first success, her first acquaintance to “The Russian ballets” troupe, her friendship with Sergey Dyagilev and the love story of her life with Boy Capel. Chanel always knows how to make us feel loved as a clients, so this time it wasn’t an exception. Once I arrived to the hotel which was famous Moscow Ararat Park Hyatt to the beautiful room with a city view I found the invitation and the ticket to the performance so nicely waiting for me on the flower table. To make me be ready in-time, they served the lunch in the room, while the make up and hair was being arranged by chanel beauty department. Everything was done and planned to make me feel privileged, loved and to put me in to the perfect relaxing mind set before the evening premiere. Once the look was completed with the latest Metiersdart collection accessories, my favorite little black dress from Paris Salzburg Collection paired with favorite bronze slingback shoes, new “must have” pyramid bag and new bronze tweed hat from the same collection i was finally ready to see the unforgettable performance. The driver took me to the theater in time when i straight away saw so many beautiful people all dressed up so beautifully and elegant in Chanel, i could not take my eyes from them, admiring each and every look, enjoying the details, recognizing collections. I believe it was one of those times when i saw so many beautiful people in one place dressed up from head to toe chanel only. Last time i had same feeling was at the Chanel fashion show at Grand Palais in Paris. For the one who at least once had been to the historical scene of Bolshoy theater would understand my feelings. The theater inside with its historical scene are absolutely beyond words beautiful ! The magnificence of the auditorium is in every detail of the decoration with all its interior elegance makes you feel like a real royalty from tsars epoch. The “Gabrielle Chanel” is 1 act ballet consists of 13 parts thats who the author divided Mademoiselle’s life in to and showed to us on the stage. 1.Prologue. In the dark all alone on the stage the old Gabrielle looks into the mirror trying to recognize herself at the young age…she is going through her memories and turns into a young unknown lady, the future style icon. 2. Cabaret. Tells us about the Gabrielle’s experience singing at the cabaret “La Rotonde” , where she was performing at the young age in the little village in France and where young and very wealthy bourgeois Etienne Balsan came into her life. 3. Hippodrome. Is the place where Gabrielle was filling uncomfortable watching other ladies competing in the way they were dressed, using horse racings as another reason to show the world their wealth, wardrobe and jewels. 4. Love. This part of the performance tells us about the emotional part of the Gabrielle’s soul. Shows us true love and sensitivity, care and respect between two loving hearts hers and Boy Capel, the love of her life. 5. Atelier. Seamstresses appear on the empty stage and soon the workshop turns into a successful well known atelier. As if by magic, Coco turns her clients into elegant stylish women. 6. Theater. Coco Chanel soon becomes famous and well known not only in Paris. At the invitation of her friend famous ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev, Coco had visited the rehearsal of one of his performance and since then the ballet had become her passion until the end of her days. 7. The war. The life of Mademoiselle during the war, which is merciless to all. 8. Farewell. Boy Capel is leaving her. 9. Loneliness. Gabrielle feels that life has lost all meanings. She doesn’t understand why she feels so lonely and she can’t understand why Boy had to leave her. 10. Car accident. Boy Capel dies. 11. Number 5. Struggling from her loss, Coco does not stop creating. Her style requires a revolution in every detail. She creates the first perfume. Chanel number 5. 12. Defile. In the name of great couturier models one by one appear on the stage. During her life, Coco managed to turn the world of fashion, changing ideas about fashion, beauty and timeless elegance. 13. Epilogue. Silence. Fragile figure on the huge stage. The life of a great woman whose name has become a legend. The audience applauded standing! Its been a month since then but i still remember the beautiful moves of Svetlana on the stage, sometimes i was thinking its the Great Mademoiselle herself performing for us. All the costumes were created by the Chanel Studio in Paris and specially for the dancers. It was a great honor and pleasure to see this beautiful performance and visit the Bolshoy theater in Moscow for the first time. After the performance Chanel was holding the cocktail party at the lobby of the historical Moscow Metropol Hotel where all the guests could meet each other, discuss the performance and the great talent of the beautiful prima ballerina Svetlana Zakharova. It was a great pleasure for me to share with you one of my unforgettable moments with Chanel. Looking forward to the new interesting experiences to tell you in the future!


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