Beginning the H Adventure - When to bring up the wish for a B or K with your SA?


I’m no stranger to the world of high end shopping. I’ve crossed Burberry, Gucci, LV, and Chanel off my lists. Discovering PurseBop, I’ve gotten to thinking about Hermes. I was in Chicago for a long weekend recently (locale of my nearest H store), and decided to take the plunge. I was a little nervous, as I’m still in my (late) 20’s and do look young, so wasn’t sure what sort of reception/service I’d get. All worries were completely unnecessary! I was enthusiastically greeted by anyone near me and the SA that ended up assisting me couldn’t have been more helpful, taking me around to all areas of the store, asking what I was interested in, what else I’d like to see, sharing info on the brand, her experiences, etc. I ended up with a few clic clacs and a scarf, all of which I love! I’ve got my SA’s contact info, and intend to continue to work with her for all my future H desires, both bag and non-bag related.

I think the first thing my SA said to me when I told her this would be my first H purchase was “welcome to the addiction!” and she couldn’t have been more right! Ever since my visit, I’ve been endlessly browsing PurseBop, learning everything I can about bag styles, sizes, leathers, and colors. I must admit, I’m very fond of the enamel jewelry, scarves, and shoes as well, so I don’t think my H journey will begin or end with the score of one of the coveted bags.

I live about 3.5 hours from my nearest H store (Chicago) and while I am fortunate to have an excellent job, I don’t have unlimited shopping funds, and it will take me some time (likely 2-3 years, given my upcoming wedding and propensity to get sidetracked lol) to save up the cash for an H bag. I don’t want to go into debt or derail my other financial priorities, so I’m fine with waiting….and understand I’ll likely have to anyway!

So here’s my question: do I bring up my desire for an H bag with my SA now, disclosing that it will be some time before I’m ready to purchase? Or do I wait until I’m closer to the finish line in the Birkin/Kelly/Constance fund? Are financial constraints taboo to bring up at Hermes?

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts/advice on the subject!

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Hello congratulations on your upcoming wedding first of all! I would suggest waiting until you are ready to buy, I don’t think you would be able to resist the beauty of an H or K after its been offered to you. I know I could not. So it wouldnt be a good idea to strain your finances before a large event such as a wedding. Again, congrats!

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    Thanks Almal! That is a good point, I agree I doubt I could resist if given the chance sooner than I expected!

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