Birkin 3 in 1 - Weigh and comparison


Last month, I got lucky enough, to become the owner of a very special Birkin…
A Birkin 30, 3-in-1 in gold togo with gold hardware and a removable pouch in swift and canvas.

As I posted the photos of this beauty, I’ve received a few enquiries about how light it was when wearing it like an open tote, without the pouch in it.

It did feel lighter than my regular Birkin, but it got me curious to know the actual weight difference, and to compare it with my other Birkin 30 with different leathers.

On the photos, you can see the results of my little research, and find out that without the pouch, the birkin 3-in-1 is the LIGHTEST of all, while with the pouch, it becomes the HEAVIEST!


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