Birkin Bang


Okay, now that we have your attention… If you can’t get your hands on a Birkin, there’s another Birkin that is far more easily acquired. Birkin Bangs. Obviously it’s not a bag. It is, however, inspired by same original cool gal Jane Birkin for whom Hermès’s Birkin bag draws its name.

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Photo courtesy: @janebirkin


A recent Glamour UK article posits that this the latest hair trend. A flirty fringe, just touching the eyebrows. It’s a bit messy while also seeming polished. A weird contradiction that works.

It’s also a description that can fit a Birkin, especially in larger sizes. The Birkin (bag). Carrying that HGB completes virtually every outfit with class, and a French woman air of ‘je ne sais quois.’ Sometimes a bag is not just a bag . . .