Brands Knocking Off Themselves


I was taken aback to see both Neiman Marcus and Saks featuring this “Guccy” bag – something you’d find on NYC’s Canal Street aka Knockoff Lane. But this one’s no fake – it’s put out by Gucci itself, perhaps in an attempt to out fake the counterfeiters.

What do you think? Would you buy a Gucci imitation by Gucci? Do you think it will have any effect on the market for fakes?

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I would definitely buy a gucci imitation by gucci. Its original in the sense where no other brands have done it before. Sort of a way of the brand ‘laughing’ at the counterfeit industry. Kinda amusing when I first saw it haha.

I don’t believe it would affect the counterfeit industry though. They would just have to be more creative in coming out with another tweaks here in there to differentiate them with the “gucci imitation by gucci”. They have been creative thus far so I don’t think they would stop now.

  • No. Not this particular bag, anyway, if for no other reason than that it’s spelled wrong! I’m sorry, I’m an editor, and this makes me crazy(er). But I have no problem in principle with Gucci imitating itself. Kind of clever, actually. Love your blog, btw, Purse Bop:) Thanks!

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