Brava Ballerina: Here's a Kelly


Sunflowers. Roses, Kisses. Maybe a chocolate. All can be gifts to performers following a fabulous performance. Sometimes, though, fans go a bit too far. Of course, there’s the evil side, with threats to harm.

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses when ballet fans go too far. Inspired by a stupendous solo or phenomenal pas de deux, Wapo reports on fans so inspired they gift jewelry, teddy bears, portraits of the dancers and more.

One anecdote in particular caught our attention. Following a performance in Paris, a longtime fan of Italian ballerina and international star Alessandra Ferri (who dances with the American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet) gifted her an Hermès Kelly Bag! Wow!

In your fandom, would you ever gift one of your prized handbags? Let us know.

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Photo courtesy: @helensfashiondiary