Bravo... It's a Kelly Pochette, Not a Birkin - on RHOBH


Okay, we confess to watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. More often than we care to admit. And not just for the fashion. However, in addition to lots of arguing about nothing, we are taking issue with a pressing purse matter.

Newbie housewife Diana Jenkins carried a small croc Hermès handbag with a diamond-encrusted closure. Kyle Richards went nuts for this bag and couldn’t put it down. Bravo writes about it, and calls it a Birkin, as do many other bloggers.

But look carefully at the (blurred) pix of this beauty. First, the shape, it’s more rectangular than either a Birkin or Kelly. More obviously, though, there’s only one handle. Clearly it’s not a Birkin. And that handle is not exactly the one you find on a classic Kelly. The bag has a Kelly-like closure (with diamonds!!!) with a more rectangular shape.

What does that all add up to – this bag sure seems to be a Kelly Pochette. It’s a lesser known but highly exclusive Hermès bag model. In fact, some say it’s even harder to get than a Birkin or Kelly. And Diana’s is utterly fabulous. Let’s just get our bags straight.

Now that’s something worth arguing about!

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