Brazen Home Robbery of . . . Hermès Blankets


There’s no coverup in this story. Apparently, a man walked in to a home in Bonita, California (in San Diego County) and walked out with Hermès blankets. Not televisions, silver, jewelry, or handbags. But Hermès blankets.

It would appear that this burglar is well-educated in luxury goods and particularly Hermès. According to reports, each of the blankets retails for about $5000. For point of reference, the classic Hermès Avalon blankets sell for about $1800. Beyond the Avalon there are many styles at around the same price point.

However, the $5k blankets are fewer. Generally fabricated in double-sided cashmere, these patterns are less well-known. Just as examples, check out the Selle Trophy Blanket, H Dye Blanket, and Round and Round Blanket. Beautiful and well-crafted, these styles may not exactly be household names or recognizable to anyone but the most die-hard fans of Hermès homeware products. Chez Hermès anyone?

So, we can’t help wondering how this alleged burglar knew just what to grab. In the meantime, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is working to uncover this apparently luxury-educated burglar. Surveillance video shows him entering and departing in his car.

Are you familiar with the $5k+ line of Hermès blankets? And wouldn’t you love to wrap yourself (or your sofa) in one?

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