Breaking News: Armed Jewel Thieves Rip-Off the Ritz in Paris


Hello Boppers! My husband was in Paris this week to attend to some things – the Hermes sale and a cooking class at the Ritz (he tries to squeeze one in whenever he goes!) He told me he perused the jewelry cases in the hotel right before his class started yesterday afternoon. While in class, he texted photos of what he was preparing and then said they were on a security lockdown and armed French police were sweeping through the building. They just finished their class and then exited. He saw some police outside a bit when he left. Upon arriving at home he wasn’t able to find out much, but emailed me this article from French news site early this AM as I am in the States.

Read more on CNN.

SO crazy thieves are so brazen as to do this at one of the most secure hotels in broad daylight. Let’s hope they are all caught and brought to justice! Were any of you in Paris when this happened? Share your stories here!

XOXO – @sapphiresandscotch

Photo courtesy CNN