But First… Fendi! Introducing the New Fendi First Bag


Think the oversized floppy pouch bag craze would fizzle out heading into fall? Well think again because Fendi has tossed its hat into the ring with what might be the IT bag of the season. Shown on the runway earlier this year, the Fendi First bag recently became available for purchase and has already got everyone talking.

Similar to other oversized pouches, but with its own unique flare, the Fendi First bag is available in various sizes, colours and materials- the most popular picks currently being the leather and shearling versions of the bag. Rather than blend in with other styles of this bag, such as Bottega Veneta’s pouch (which started this whole trend), the Fendi First stands out with its oversized F clasp adorning the top of the pouch. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap, turning it into an everyday on-the-go bag from an evening clutch.

The inside of the bag is just as stunning as the outside. Lining the interior of the Fendi First bag is the house’s iconic monogram print that we’ve all come to know and love- making it a quintessential addition to any Fendi fan’s collection.

When it comes to size, the Fendi First makes itself available in two options- small or medium. The medium size version (which is the largest option in this line), measures roughly 32.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 15 cm (length x height x depth). Additionally, the shoulder strap drop on the medium size is approximately 27 cm. The small size sports measurements of 26 cm x 18 cm x 9.5 cm (length x height x depth) with a comparable shoulder strap drop of 43 cm.

Adding to the stylistic allure of this bag, Fendi also offers it in python and mink versions, with an embroidered flannel version already up for pre-order on its website. With the combination of size and material comes varying price points for each individual Fendi First bag, but after all, if the price is right…. (need I say more?)

On the topic of price, let’s dive in a little further into the numbers game behind it all. The small sized, leather version of the Fendi First bag in black, dark brown, light brown and beige is currently priced at $2,650 USD. The medium version comes in at $3,490 and is also available in light pink in addition to these colours. The embroidered flannel version mentioned above is priced for preorder at just under $3,500 USD.

The sheepskin Fendi First bags in the small and medium sizes are available online at Fendi.com for $3,190 and $3,890 respectively, although both are currently sold out on the brand’s official website. Interestingly enough, the mink Fendi First is only available in size small and comes in either blush pink or or warm brown- both with a pricetag of just over $5,000 USD.

Lastly, the exotic python skin Fendi First bag comes in both small and medium sizes, available in a variety of python prints, and is priced at $3,890 USD for the small size and $4,900 for the medium.

Already a hit among A-list celebrities, influencers and fashionistas everywhere, the Fendi First bag is a welcomed breath of fresh air from the house. Clearly an early winner right out of the gates, it will be interesting to see the trajectory of Fendi’s newest IT bag. Will it reach Baguette level status? Or is the Fendi First this season’s hit only? With its unique take on an already popular style, what do you think of the Fendi First pouch bag? Do we love it or can we do without? Will you be adding it to your wishlist, preorder basket or checkout bag? Which version is your favourite?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below!…

Image Credit: Fendi, Hypebae, Casper Sejersen