Buying Designer Handbag Packaging is the Latest Wacky Shopping Trend


There’s no denying that luxury packaging is beautiful. The classic Black Chanel box with white lettering or, of course, the iconic bright orange Hermès box. Nothing beats that initial glimpse of luxury packaging, except when you open it up to find … oh wait … it’s empty!

That’s right. Shoppers are turning to sites like eBay to source empty luxury packaging, including boxes for bags, shoes and accessories, as well as empty paper shopping bags.

What’s even crazier is that the empty packaging is being sold for up to hundreds of dollars. The so-called shopping hack is aimed at those who want to create the illusion that they have been on luxurious shopping sprees but who don’t have the budget to do so.

Empty Chanel and Louis Vuitton boxes and paper bags are particularly popular. According to The London Times, 17 Chanel paper bags sold as a bundle for £265 (around $372) and a single Louis Vuitton paper bag was bought for £32 (around $45).

Personal finance expert at, Salman Haqqi, revealed to The London Times that there are several reasons people chose to purchase empty designer packaging. “At times it’s for home decor. They might have seen walk-in wardrobes filled with Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton boxes proudly on show on Pinterest. Or it could be to use them as background props for Instagram posts, replicating those posted by the rich and famous.”

There are also trends on social media sites like TikTok which show users transforming packaging from luxury brands into accessories or artwork.

Flex culture and the desire to look rich is the clear driving force behind this new phenomenon. It’s hard for people, particularly those from the younger generations, to keep up with today’s society which is obsessed with overconsumption. And since luxury is becoming more and more popular, it’s even harder to keep up.

What are your thoughts on this wacky new shopping trend?

Photos courtesy of @kyliejenner