“Camp” Bags at the Met


If you follow the fashion world closely, you know that last week was the annual Met (as in NYC’s Metropolitan Museum) Gala. The themed and famed ball brings out celebrities, fashionistas, influencers and more. What binds them? Well, you have to be invited.

The Gala coordinates and coincides with the Costume Institute’s theme exhibit. This year the focus is “camp.” No, not where children go in the summer. Nor where you pitch tents. It’s a much more complicated historic, artistic and attitudinal concept, one I’m in no position to really explain. Go see the exhibit. But think, over-the-top, showy, extra.

Even the celebs, with stylists and guidance, had wide-ranging takes on camp. Lady Gaga – a camp natural and co-host – had five different outfits. And her arrival ensemble included a dancing entourage. Jared Leto brought an extra head. And the Kardashian sisters sparkled. Well, some of them did – not everyone scored an invite.

Although the fashion focus is on clothing, there were a few handbags featured in the room referred to as “the dollhouse.” Interestingly, the three pictured are all modeled on useful household items. Ironically that is not an element of camp. Enjoy.

Celebrity photos courtesy: @voguemagazine